Title services in Palm Beach, Miami, Broward

Real Estate Title

Title services provides the assurance you need that the property you buy will truly be yours, legally and fully, until you decide to sell it. Other than the mortgage holder, title insurance guarantees that no one else will have any restrictions or claims on your property.

When you buy the land itself, what you actually acquire at the end of the transaction is the “title” to the property and what makes that property legally yours is that you end up holding a clear title. The insurance policy you buy to help cover yourself and your financial interest in case the title turns out not to have been clear when you purchased it is called "title insurance".

Title Services

Title Search

The purpose of a Title Search is to identify the proper owners and to verify any liens, judgments, tax lines, bankruptcy and probate issues that can affect the title in the future.

Title Examination

The Title Examination is a thorough examination of all public records that affect the property a buyer is purchasing. Such public records include county, municipal and those date records stored in a data storehouse maintained by the title companies.

Title Insurance

The Title Insurance allows home buyers to enjoy peace of mind knowing they are protected against claim and loss and allows lenders to make mortgage funds available, knowing their investment is a safe one.